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U.S airstrike on a Syrian mosque killed at least 50 worshipers: Human Rights Watch report

According to the report, a mosque in that was full of worshipers was bombed and destroyed in an airstrike just last month.

While is denying the report, saying that the airstrike was done on a hall where Al Qaeda were holding a meeting, many Syrians are vouching to the that the airstrike did hit a mosque located in western on March 16. The airstrike however killed at least 40 worshipers and injured dozens other.

“We did not target any mosques,” U.S. Central Command spokesman Col. John J. Thomas said the day after the bombing. “What we did target was destroyed. There is a mosque within 50 feet of that building that is still standing.”

Contrary to the statement by the Central Command spokesman, the has said that no such evidence to support claims have been found.

“The U.S. authorities need to figure out what went wrong, start doing their homework before they launch attacks, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Ole Solvang, deputy emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.

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