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India : The land of caste system

Apr 27, 2017
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Ever since Narendra aka ‘butcher of Gujarat’ became Prime Minister, lives of the Dalit “untouchables” in have become even more miserable. Dalits of have been repressed by the dominant dominant castes since ages.

The incidence of cases of violation against Dalits has risen rapidly under the government.

Every day, more and more cases are reported by the television and print media for the world to see the unspeakable horror of being Dalit in Shining India.

Dalit ‘untouchables’ are suffering oppression and facing discrimination, as they are not allowed to equate themselves with the upper class. We can read in history how the Dalits faced torments meted out by upper class Hindus. They would insert molten rods into the ears of Dalits, if they even dared to seek knowledge or acquire an education.

Dalit women are subjected to horrendous treatment and often face sexual at the the hands of upper class men and even denied medical treatment afterwards.

Lately, a 22 years old Dalit women was raped by two men of the superior in India, now she faces threats by the same culprits.

Another gruesome incident happened recently when two Dalit women were beaten up, their clothes were stripped off and then they were forced to walk naked in their village,  while the insensitive crowed amused themselves by taking pictures and filming them naked. The only “crime” the two Dalit women committed did was to take water from a tap that was in the area of the upper class Hindus.

These sisters belonged to the MSA (Mission Sisters of Ajmer) congregation, who run the Karuna Hospital in Borivli. This is the how Dalit women are treated in India, irrespective of their services to the community.

As against Dalits increases on a daily scale day, more than 45,000 cases of atrocities against Dalits were reported in just 2016-17.


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  1. This is very shameful. They are adopting Buddhism now to become free from this inhuman practice of Caste system in India.


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