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India slammed by Nigerian diplomats over racist attacks

Apr 04, 2017
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The representatives of 44 African countries blamed the government for not taking any measures to ensure the safety of the African nationals after a series of attacks were made that targeted Nigerians in India. The diplomats demanded to stop such racist attacks on their citizens in India.

Just last week, a Nigerian was seriously injured by a local mob in New Delhi. The Nigerian was wrongly accused of involvement in a teen’s death.

In a statement, the African Heads of Mission said that “no known, sufficient and visible deterring measures were taken” by New after previous such attacks.

He further said that the authorities failed to “sufficiently condemn” the latest attacks and even past incidences of racist against Africans were not taken seriously.

The diplomats also called for an independent investigation for the recent by groups including the UN’s Human Rights Council, calling it “xenophobic and racial”.

In India, there are thousands of students and workers belonging from the African countries who are becoming targets of the race discrimination, even to the extend that they are wrongly accused and punished for the crimes like drug trade, without even having evidences against them.

In 2014 also, a case of African woman harassed by Delhi’s former law minister came under the spotlight.


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  1. Indians are plying a very dirty game,this is not good for the whole world,we can call this a Indian Terrorism against humanity.


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