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Thakurganj Operation Leaves Many Questions

Mar 10, 2017
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In a new development, the outcome of the alleged ‘direct attack’ from inside India, is insufficient to convince the mainstream audience. The is perceived as the arrival of inside India, the IG Police, Makrand Deouskar, claimed on Wednesday that an module executed the blast on soil, it was merely a trial as the module wanted to test their plan and execution skills. However, the eyewitnesses reported something else after the final showdown.

Bhopal Ujjain train blast

Ten passengers were injured in Bhopal Ujjain Train blast in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday morning, some people reported that they saw at least 7-10 suspicious people on the same train who reportedly bought tickets but left as soon as the train started moving. The media also reported that a trio tried to board the Pushpak Express with a pipe fixed inside a brief case and later escaped from the scene as soon their presence was detected.

The Federal Probe Agency reached Bhopal on Tuesday to look into the train blast and as per our sources, the number of suspects was 7,  2 from Baghdad, named Abul Rasib, Jandal bin Abdullah, 1 from Musab Al Zarqawi and apparently, 4 citizens were involved named Shariq, Ashraf, Kamal and Rahul respectively. The had set these names on target and started investigations inside the Thakurganj area of Lucknow, the house which allegedly belonged to these people was situated between the Bank of Baroda and only 500 m away from the local station as per sources.  Mysteriously though,  the raid started on KTTG road near the local Jama Masjid, the informants informed the suspects and subsequently escaped as soon as the houses of the region came under scrutiny.

The Additional Director General of the Police has claimed that,

“At one point of time it appeared that more than one person was holed up inside the house.”

As per sources, the sudden investigation on KTTG road despite knowing their actual hide out gave the alleged sufficient time to shoot informer Saifullah and escape.

A wire was also found wrapped around Saifullah which shows that the suspects first tried to wire his and blow up the house but got no time. The Bomb Disposal Squad was called but nothing substantial was found, this displays the dismal failure of the to find the real culprits behind the blast. Now to hide the failure, informer Saifullah has been termed as an ringleader while the real suspects have gone scot free. The IG ATS Aseem Arun and Daljit Chaudary have already declared the case closed despite knowing that the number of suspects was above 7.

IG ATS Aseem Arun

These incidents have raised serious questions on the capability of the intelligence and officials involved, the trio that tried to attack Pushpak Express is roaming freely while the real perpetrators of are on the loose. This case should not have been closed, it is not even an eye wash to beguile the media and general audience that the threat has removed from India. The failure of the to tackle the media has raised a lot of questions as ADP Daljit has been trying to avoid the press since the Thakarganj Operation.

The alleged help from the local community to the suspects is one more question that needs to be addressed as not even a single informer has been arrested up till now. Narender needs to set up an internal inquiry commission to investigate this issue as the  and the have failed to deliver justice to the passengers injured in the Bhopal Ujjain blast.


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