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From Indian Embassy in U.A.E to New Delhi, India Rapes Nepal

Mar 13, 2017
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A Nepali girl, mother of two was raped by five men in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The girl on Sunday morning was found nude begging for help in the streets of New Delhi. According to the reports, the girl was abducted by five men, who forcefully took her to an apartment and kept her there overnight. During this time, she was ganged-raped. On Sunday morning, the Nepali girl got the chance to escape from the apartment, and for that she jumped off from first floor of the apartment building.

The has confirmed that all five men have been arrested. The case was reported to the by a local resident, who saw the girl jumping off the apartment building. The CCTV footage also shows the girl running on the street with stripped off clothes, as was ravished by the five men. The victim girl was later on admitted to the hospital for treatment of her leg that got fractured after jumping from the building.

It is being reported that the Nepali girl is being pressurized to change her statement. She is being forced to say that she went with the men on her own will and she was brought for “paid sex” at a Holi party.

Indian Hindus consider Nepalese as low community in that is why Nepalese women are becoming more vulnerable and victimized at the hands of men.

In the recent past, a Nepali girl was raped by security officer in the premises of Embassy in U.A.E. As soon the case was reported to the authorities, officials got involved and pressurized the government to hush up the issue silently.

Moreover, just past week an shot a Nepalese civilian along the Indo-Nepal border. All such incidents indicate that India-Nepal relations are on the brink of a breakup

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