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Contrary to what Trump desired, Detroit airport turned into a mosque during protest

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Since the day signed the executive order to ban from entering U.S, the amount of protests against him mounted rapidly, as the protesters voiced their support for the Muslims.
Hundreds and thousands of Americans are protesting outside the airports and chanting slogans against Trump’s decision.

Contrary to what desired for, turned into a mosque as a group of offered prayers in the vicinity of the airport.

On Sunday, when thousands of residents gathered at the for the protest, it was nearly the time of sunset and prayer time for the Muslims. The protesters organized a spot in a pickup area of the airport, but as it was snowing and the lanes set aside for prayer had become damp, and since kneel during prayer, in such cold Michigan night there were no prayer mats for the Muslims. Just then the protesters laid down their protest signs for the to pray on them.

“Many of the activists gathered and said, ‘Let’s pray right here,” Bilal Dabaja, who participated in the prayer, said. “It was kind of spontaneous.” A 31-year old Lebanese man from Dearborn said, “It just shows the beauty of coming together,” he said. “We have things that bind us against the wrong that we see. Seeing people from various backgrounds whether they’re religious or not religious, Christian, Jew, whatever the case may be… They were there in act of solidarity. It’s like a full on on us as living in this country, especially people who have families in these countries,” Dabaja said “These seven countries could soon expand to many, many other countries, and pretty soon we could find ourselves in a much more difficult situation.”

The unity shown at the is a strong voice in support of the and against Trump’s order against immigration of the to the U.S

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