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With M777, India to use dangerous chemical weapons in Kashmir

Dec 05, 2016
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India has already been using tear gas & pepper grenades in along with the use of so called non-lethal pellets which have blinded more than 4,000 thousand Kashmiris and injured hundreds others.

In Kashmir, the Armed forces under inhumane AFSPA are free to kill Kashmiris at will so they are resorting to novel ways of killing innocent, unarmed Kashmiris. An effective attack using a chemical or biological can easily kill thousands of people. Chemical weapons require a relatively low investment, can cause severe psychological and physical effects and are dreadful agents of disruption thus ideal to be used by forces against Kashmiris. For this purpose, has signed a contract with firm to buy artillery M777 lightweight howitzers worth $737 million which are capable of making effective use of chemical weapons.

This is a clear notion that has mal-intentions to use dangerous chemical weapons in addition to pellets against unarmed Kashmiris. Saddam Hussein remorselessly killed around 5,000 Iraqi Kurds by the use of mustard gas, nerve agents; Sarin, VX and Tabun internationally known as “HALABJA GENOCIDE”
Why International media is NOT naming use of force in as “Kashmir Genocide”. Today it is Kashmir, tomorrow it could be you! Think about it!

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