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Uranium smuggling group unearthed in India

Dec 28, 2016
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Police have seized 8.9 kg Depleted Uranium from two persons.
Thane investigators claim the two detained people intended to sell it at 440,000 dollars per kg, with the value of the seizure at over 3.5 million dollars.
Military use of depleted uranium include Armour plating and armour-piercing weapons.
Case has been filed on the arrested persons under India’s Atomic Energy Act of 1962 which so outdated that it cannot ensure security.
Several Western countries have stopped using Depleted Uranium because it has a seriously negative impact on health.
The smuggled uranium was 79 to 87 % pure.

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  1. Their nuclear assets are not secure in India. And it can fall easily in the hands of extremists and terrorists within india. India should be declared a nuclear threat to all the world, specially in the asia.


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