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The Toxic red alert drink !!

What carbonated soda drinks do to our after indulging nihari?  Having 250 ml of black carbonated beverage is equivalent to 10 tsp of sugar and that’s near to whole requirement of carb for our in a day.  After 20 minutes of ingesting that fizzy emergency declares in my body. Blood sugar spikes starts exhausting the beta cells of our pancreas to release more insulin. Liver quickly responds and all that extra simple sugar is deposited as glycogen.  After 40 minutes the pupils of our eyes starts dilating, pressure and sugar both tend to increase. Not only this, the adenosine receptors are blocked that is why we feel high after having carbonated beverages.  After 2 hours the diuretic properties of caffeine tend to excessive urination and the functional nutrients of our calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and other essential electrolytes and of course water passes out from our body. Tooth decay, diabetes and obesity becomes inevitable for regular black fizzy drinks lovers.  Now after all this damage occurred in managing emergency situation within our after just having a glass of red alert drink, our feel lethargic and we become irritable to do any task.  Here we are sharing with you an alternative refreshing Minty drink


Crushed ice
7 leaves of mints
2 medium size  lemon juice
1 tbsp of honey preferably or sugar
Grind all and serve chill


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