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After TTP, India is fortifying “ISIS Khorasan Chapter” in Afghanistan

Nov 21, 2016
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ISIS Khorasan Chapter is installing its roots in rapidly from some time now, and have taken many locals as their prisoners and taken with them to their asylums in the mountains.

With its manpower coming from the neighboring country India, and a strong backup with financial as well as weaponry assistance by R&AW, is making a harbinger, this time for the “Khorasan Chapter” of ISIS.

In the month of July, this year, 29-year-old Yasmin was arrested at as she was about to fly for to join the ISIS. During the investigation, Yasmin disclosed that 22 of her confederates have already joined the Khorasan Chapter in Afghanistan. All her confederates were from Kerala, India.

Arresting Yasmin was the result of lack of coordination between R&AW and other LEAs, since it was with R&AW’s assistance that Yasmin was moving to Afghanistan. By twisting narratives and encouraging inclined towards to join ISIS, is cleverly getting rid of Muslims. It is with the support of that Khorasan Chapter has been able to relaunch its radio transmission in Afghanistan, this time in five different languages. is establishing Khorasan in Afghanistan, keeping a pace with its aid to networks in and Syria.

India’s National security advisor Ajit Kumar Doval had made visit to already, and links of India’s R&AW with has already been divulged. India’s involvement in strengthening Khorasan in is just another aim to breed more with the purpose to attack inside Pakistan.

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