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Two Indians charged for doing visa fraud in New Jersey

Sep 28, 2016
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Two indians Sanjeev Sukhija, 35 and Harpeet Sachdeva, 26, are charged with in New Jersey, US. Both of them were recruiting foreigners at a “pay to stay” college. The recruited clients were falsely shown having visa status with full-time work authorisation. Both of the Indians are on working visas and dwelling in New Jersey, where they have been charged for committing visa fraud.

In April, 2016, both of them, along with 22 brokers, employers were charged for registering foreign nationals in the University of Northern New Jersey, as stated by the justice department on Tuesday.

UNNJ is known as a school having the authority to issue the document “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student status – for Academic and Language Students. Also know as a Form 1-20

This certifies a foreigner as full time student enabling him to get an F-1 student visa letting the student enter or remain in the amidst the process of completing a full study course at a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) affiliated institution.

Sachdeva and Sukhija caused Forms I-20 to be issued to the foreign nationals, by enrolling themselves in the UNNJ and gave away their form 1-20 to foreign students to let them maintain a nonimmigrant status fraudulently, by paying them a fee.

After being caught by the authorities, both Sachdeva and Sukhija have admitted their crimes.

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