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24 million painkillers sourced from India and destined for IS fighters, seized in Italy

Nov 05, 2017
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The Italian police, on Saturday seized tablets of synthetic opiate that was coming from an firm and heading for the Islamic State (IS) in Libya.

The financial caught more than 24 million tramadol tablets being transported to from through the port of Gioia Tauro. The painkiller is popularly known as “fighter drugs” among the jihadist fighters of the Islamic State(IS) group.

The seized tablets are said to be of worth €50 million. The crackdown of was a follow-up of a recent similar discovery of a shipment in Genoa in the month of May. The suspect that the drugs were to sold by the fighters for €2 a pill

“According to the information shared with foreign investigative sources, the traffic of Tramadol is directly handled by to finance activities planned and carried out across the world,” the in Reggio Calabria city said.

Certain amount of the money raised from the sales of the pills would also “ go to subsidize groups and extremists operating in Libya, and Iraq,” it said.

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