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Humanity cries of woes in India

Sep 27, 2017
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Every day human waste from adjacent houses and companies blocks the drainage tracks in the Hiran Kudna area of New Delhi, India. Regulating the sewerage system is the job of the discriminated lower Dalits.
With bare hands, the manual scavengers and sweepers are forced to remove human excrement and waste from these manholes.

In India, men have to go through dangerous, unhygienic conditions to feed their families, they are forced to opt for such a dehumanizing profession to earn their livelihood.
As these men dive deep in the gutter water, they inhale hazardous gases from chemicals emanating from nearby factories mixed in the waste that result in their death.

According to a by Praxis, around one hundred manual scavengers die yearly while cleaning gutters in India.
Another by Safai Karamchai Andolan Agency (Sweepers’ movement India) relates cases of more than 1500 sweepers who lost their lives. These cases have been documented since 1993 while there are many more countless deaths unrecorded.The families of these victims are not even compensated by the government as they are promised.

In India, like and Dalits are for the alleged slaughter of a cow but human life does not matter. Every now and then reports of and other at the hands of Hindus surfaces but no steps are taken to assure the protection of these minorities.
Likewise, also live below their dignity and accept a downtrodden existence in order to survive in India.
While Hindus continue to remain in prominent positions, are being extinguished systematically in India

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