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India using Afghanistan for its nefarious Regional Designs

– The Attack

Kabul is burning after one of the deadliest attack on the Afghan soil this Wednesday. Afghans are showing their anger on streets against their Government and toothless security apparatus.

– Ashraf Ghani in trouble

On Friday, charged protestors chanted slogans against the Ashraf Ghani “Death for Ghani” in retaliation to the extremely precarious situation inside Afghanistan.

– Ghani’s Attempt to silence the protestors

7 protesters were killed by Afghan ruthless forces who cannot defend their own people but can kill them mercilessly.

– The corrupt Afghan trained by India

The corruption led Government of Ashraf Ghani has stronger roots in Afghan Armed Forces which was sturdily pointed out by a Wall Street Journal Report on Ghost Afghan Soldiers early this year. Afghan are mostly trained by institutions who are unable to counter any insurgency inside India, including the red corridor, Khalistan, Dalit movement and above all freedom movement.

– Track record of Army

The track record of Afghan trainers is well below the standards to produce anything more than the impotent Afghan Armed Forces.

and ISIS

On the other hand, NSA’s secret contacts with is indeed a worrisome fact which has drowned in the bath.

– The dirty game of Amrullah Saleh

Reportedly, agencies along with few touts like Amrullah Saleh (ex Chief) are trying hard to turn the anger of Afghanis towards Pakistan.

– What Afghans need to understand

Afghans must understand that Indians are making brothers fight with brothers and this tactic is understood, taken on and now being thrashed out by Pakistan. A peaceful can only be achieved through warm relations with brother Pakistan, while smashing Indians back across Hindukush from where Afghans have been going and teaching them the required lesson for centuries.

– Do you remember?

Remember brothers that was with you 38 years back and sacrificed so much for your well being. will continue to do so, and will get you out of evil clutches of very soon.

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