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Valmikis Dalit community decides to do away with their Hindu religion

May 19, 2017
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Historically, the Valmikis in were discriminated against and stamped out by society there, they have recently taken a stand against this continuous persecution by upper Hindus.

Valmikis are a Dalit community in which was persecuted like other minorities.Since years they were not even allowed to have a haircut or get shaved as dominant upper Hindus deprived them of this right too.
The Brahmins consider Valmikis as too “impure and unhygienic” to use the razor. In Sambhal village, Valmikis have to travel a distance of more than 20 kilometers to reach other villages in order to get a haircut.
Recently, a barber was ready to give a haircut to a Valmikis family but he was forced and threatened by the dominant Hindus, as a result he refused.

Now the Valmikis have threatened to do away with their religion and convert to Islam, they assert that if the discrimination and anti Valmikis and Dalits campaign does not stop, they will embrace Islam.

There have been many other incidents too in the past which have now persuaded the Valmikis Dalits to take such a step.

There are already enumerable movements going on in that threaten dis-integration of the country, with this new development by Valmikis Dalits, it seems that the religion is also at the brink of extinction.

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  1. Good move by Valmiki Dalits. Dalits in general don’t have respectful place in Hindu religion so they should give up this religion and accept other religion where they can lead life with dignity and honor.


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