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10 Top most privileges the Brahmin men enjoy

May 24, 2017
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The Brahmin, especially men are never held accountable by the so to speak feminists and feminist groups by the so called upper class of India. Brahmins even enjoy what actually belongs to the other communities, they deprive others in order to quench their own thirst. Their ogling looks towards women and misogyny is never questioned by any feminist group.

We are told to see any act of discrimination as an act of an individual or personal opinions, and are forced to cast away the reality that it is actually the system also that aids the mentality of the upper caste.
The men are seen taking their privileges for granted as for them such privileges inheritable.

Following are 10 out of many other privileges the men enjoy:

1. In the Media, these Brahmins are shown as highly delicate and humble people, while all the low castes are depicted as callous and cauterized people.

2. The Brahmins don’t have to face any sort of housing issues as the Dalits have to face, be it in metro cities or elsewhere.

3. Unlike the Dalits, who have to face disgrace when they have to go out and get a job, at any media house, government sector or private firm doesn’t matter, Brahmins hold all the key positions in every sector.

4. For their not at all difficult or hardworking tasks, Brahmins get huge sum as wages.

5. Society readily accepts ‘Sharma’, ‘Trivedi’ and ‘Devedi’ as friends, as all of them belongs to the caste.

6. When a man rapes a women of another caste, he is never sent behind the bars for it.

7. No matter how brutal or extremely wicked act the Brahmins commit, they are never punished for it.

8. Brahmins have their connections, and get favored in every field, while the Dalits faces discrimination.

9. While the other face it severely, Brahmins are never lynched or murdered for love.

10. They have been made arrogant as their identity is never questioned or made ashamed of their existence.

This article was originally published in the velivada

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8 Responses

  1. What the fuck is this shit ???

    Ever heard of Fact checking ? You guys are just a bunch of tin foil crazies who hosted a website to puke online with rubbish.

  2. Thanks for your concern .. in india, therebis biased they never show the problems of deprived society.. . You can visit UP and south india places .. They treat dalit people as their slaves. Also Dalits are mentally slaved from last 5000 years. That’s why they are progressing.. even if a dalit becomes a IAS/IPS officer .. or a judge he remains dalit in eye of people.. I am highly overwelcomed that wrote something about the concern . However this may not be sufficient nevertheless , a ton for writings something about dalits

    • If they’re deprived and enslaved. how they’re progressing? How they’re becoming IAS/IPS, judges?
      I’ll never sympathize a dalit or touch him, you know why? Because these type of thinking of yours. I’ll teach that to my coming generations too. You low lifes were enslaved by our ancestors for a reason.. After giving decades of support i.e. reservation in every govt. pvt. sector, tax amounts for their higher education etc. we get this.. I spit on your mother’s grave. Today I lost all my heart to these SC/STs..

  3. Sandesh – I think you don’t have first hand knowledge of the situation Dalits go through in day-to-day life in India. Haven’t you seen videos online to see the atrocities committed by high caste criminals on poor, defenseless Dalits? All the points made in this story are correct. In fact, if someone digs deeper in to this issue they may uncover horrible things that are not covered in these 10 points. Don’t try to cover up these crime committed by high caste criminals. If you are true Indian then you will try to face the reality and do something to stop these things in India. Remember, unless and until each and every individual in India are not able to live dignified, respectful life, India can not dream of becoming superpower. So, stop lying, covering up crimes committed by these high caste criminals and do something to stop these atrocities.

  4. This is pure hatred against community. If this shithead still working there it means she is sleeping with her manager and fucking every higher ups in the office to survive.

    Show me one incident in India where Brahmins are treated higher than others. In fact it is opposite. That fucker ambedkar stated this hatred and these Christians taking advantage and spreading lies.


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