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They Want to Purify Pakistan with their Impurity

Feb 14, 2017
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These days a handful of so-called intellectuals are degrading and blaming for everything that is wrong in under the garb of “liberalism”.  They don’t do it with the intention of putting things in the right direction, their real motive is to set ground for anti-Pakistan agendas.

In the coming days, more of these anti-Pak will gang up to spit hatred against Pakistan.  At the launch of Farahnaz Ispahani’s anti- book “Purifying the land of the Pure” at Wilson Center Washington DC on February 15, 2017, the same gang of pseudo- will be voicing anti-Pak sentiments that dominate the contents of her book. In the past also, Farahnaz has written numerous diatribes against the state of Pakistan, in her latest book she targets as the primary factor behind all the chaos in the country.  Besides being a patent foe of Pakistan’s ideology, she is also the wife of Hussain Haqqani, another well known anti-Pakistan entity. He held a conference recently in with an even more transgressive design to extirpate Pakistan’s ideology and demean its armed forces, fortifying  separatist elements in at the same time.

Beena Sarwar is also accompanying Farahnaz at the book launch, she led “Aman Ki Aasha” in the past at the behest of Vikram Sood who used to head RA&W, the  intelligence agency of archrival India. Her aversion to Pakistan’s security agencies is evident in her constant attempts to blame them for the missing bloggers.
The liberal brigade is hell-bent on disseminating lies ti prove that in live in inhuman  conditions. They pretend to be champions of human rights and protectors of but they only serve Pakistan’s enemies by defaming it globally.

Humanity cries right in front of them daily in Occupied Kashmir, where hundreds of Kashmiris have been blinded, women are raped and men brutally slaughtered, but it remains a non -issue since it is not part of their agenda. They are only good at holding Islamic principles responsible for every tragedy in Pakistan.

Pakistan is plagued by these pseudo-intellectual-cum-liberals today, they are puppets of the same handlers who produce and deploy to project a false and ultra-radical image of Islam.


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  1. This is nothing new ,Islam will come under attack from nations who will pool together ,they will use all necessary means to con the masses to justify there policies en wars en infiltrate the muslim lands via sinister means instilling puppets as leaders but there will always remain a group from amongst Islam that will remain firm and none will be able to harm them .This group will be divinely aided .We pray to remain firm on the truth and steadfast knowing this global call to arms against Islam will never cease till closer to the end of days .The Muslims who March against trump en vent vulgarities against trump against Israel against India en Co. have failed to understand who truly is the Superpower ,there is no superpower ,The Almighty is the only Superpower He alone is in control of everything,Once this reality dawns on all Muslims en the focus is where it supposed to be the Almighty will raise this religion of Islam .There is no need for any Muslim to despair 1000s are being slaughtered ,millions before them but Islam remained ,just as there are champions whose sole aim en purpose is to harm Islam there are champions of Islam who have been created to defend it .


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