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India bombs Pakistani Cricket yet again.

Feb 13, 2017
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Author: Horus

Why are we not surprised that there is a bombing carried out in at this particular time, let me tell you why, because we all knew it was going to happen as soon as Super League announced that the final of the PSL-2017 was going to be played in Lahore. So who exactly doesn’t want the return of sports in Pakistan? – The answer to that is quite simple, its India. That is because was behind the brutal attack on the Sri-Lankan cricket team in in 2009 in order to deny Pakistanis the sense of stability and normalcy which would have arrived with co-hosting the cricket world cup. Why would allow normalcy to return to when its pumping billions into to create the opposite in Pakistan?

According to security sources intelligence agencies had already warned of a major attack. was being seen as a potential hot spot for activity in light of a major sports event that was to happen in this city, final match of the Super League 2017. has in the past faced a similar attack on cricket. Earlier, 2017 was marred by a match-fixing scandal orchestrated by a bookie connected to an network. It Looks like in particular and Pakistani in general is yet again being attacked from all directions by Pakistan’s mortal enemy. They want to to torpedo any event which might send a message of stability in and the Indian media is already rejoicing.

This is another attack at the very heart of the Pakistani nation because only just when things were starting to look good for on the international stage, the enemy has resorted to the same dirty tactics. We need to make the world understand that has been supporting in for a long time, in the 70’s in the form of and since 2001 in the form of and Terror Organizations. has to stand up to and respond with an iron fist.

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