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Your hues and cries are for the wrongdoers

Jan 12, 2017
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Those who are protesting today for the missing admins of liberal pages in need to know that not every expression connotes freedom, some expressions are opprobrious too, and that is what Bhensa and CO’s expressions are marked as. This happens when you let loose such groups of people to evince their affronting expressions wrongly, for too long.

Bhensa and his friends have gone missing now since few days. No one knows the actual cause of their disappearance, but one thing is for sure that what they were doing cannot be pronounced as mere social activities. Those were deliberately designed efforts to ridicule, insult and disgrace Islam.

So the question arises here is that why did not Mr. Jibran Nasir come out in protest against all those gross blasphemous posts by Bhensa and Co that were making rounds on the social media, under the umbrella of  “freedom of expression”.



Jibran Nasir, who fancies to be known as a liberal and a rightest simultaneously; surrounded by cameras, lights, all set to throw his high sounded rhetoric against those who intend to follow their religion in the country. In a nutshell, Jibran desires to be the eye candy, who blames Islamic principles for every defect in the society, and protests against the resumption of death penalty for criminals in Pakistan. To this confounding civil activist, Pakistanis want to ask as to how he justifies his support for all those social media activists who have been hurting the feelings of fellow citizens by insulting the religious beliefs, practices and tenets of Islam?

Jibran has been an old friend of the admins of and other liberal pages. He even has filed an application in the Supreme Court’s HR cell, pleaded SC to intervene for the recovery of the missing admins. Can someone ask him why he never filed an application against his same old buddies when they were publishing abusive, insulting and blasphemous posts on social media?

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Lastly, will those civil society members now stop clamoring and protesting with this so-called civil activist, Jibran Nasir, who has done no good for other than confusing the minds and twisting the facts, and start to realize that they have been defending and standing up for the wrongdoers all along

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