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RAW officials undermining UAE laws after Nepali girl raped in Indian Embassy

Jan 28, 2017
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On 11th January, 2016 Mr. Pawan Kumar Rai, Head of Security at in UAE was called to UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Pawan Kumar is an Under Cover officer in the Embassy in UAE. He was called to explain his position in connection with helping a rapist flee UAE which is a severe crime according to UAE law.

According to the reports, in Dec, 2016 Mr. Pawan Kumar, head of security at Embassy UAE, hired a private company of Abu Dhabi for guard duties inside the embassy. The embassy, from among the newly hired staff, appointed a girl alias as their receptionist. A permanent security guard employed by the Security Services named Bajnath one night raped alias inside the embassy’s premises. Wounded and terrified dragged herself to the head of Embassy’s security Mr. but he shunned the girl.
Mr. Pawan Kumar instead of helping the girl, arranged a for Bajnath back to India. Since alias is Nepali by origin, her was a routine matter for the officer. After helping Bajnath Yadav escape UAE, Mr. terminated contract with Security Services.
Huma (Himani) reported the matter to UAE police. The UAE in turn wrote to UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which called Mr. Pawan Kumar to explain his position. Mr. Pawan Kumar failed to justify his actions in front of the Ministry officials. As a result he was ordered to leave the country within 72 hrs. Ambassador at the UAE, Mr. Navdeep Singh Suri personally visited the MOFA of UAE, and used his personal influence to pressurize UAE officials
According to our source, MOFA and NSA Ajit Kumar Doval are trying to hush up the case. They have asked the UAE government to stay quiet offering to take disciplinary action against Mr. Pawan Kumar in India.
This happens at a time when UAE is participating in India’s Republic Day celebrations

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9 Responses

  1. UAE Government should be serious in this case. They have to gave her justice and punishment to that demon.

  2. Hello Editor ,

    If victims are mentioned photo in this news. Is this right way to show her clear picture. Is not there human personal rights ? Please make sure clear.

    If Himani will chose wrong way / action in her personal life due to this news and picture, who will be the responsible ?

  3. Mr Pawan Kumar and the hypocrisy of the Indian Embassy staff in UAE must be investigated and punished appropriately.

  4. Ewwww so it seems the stereotype of indians being sexual deviants is actually being cemented by many indian men. It seems the family units of indians are dysfunctional and not creating honest,respectful and self controlling men, just robots who build wealth but lack genuine spirituality and compassion for all humans, all i see them have is the acting and pretending kind.
    So sad. Hope the good indian men, bring up better men.

  5. Dear CJ post,

    My name is Mohamed Ibrahim, the HR manager of Spark Security Services, Abu Dhabi, UAE. I’m writing to you with regard to the publication you published on 28th Jan. 2017 quoted as “RAW officials undermining UAE laws after Nepali girl raped in Indian Embassy”, link is below:

    I would like to inform you that firstly, the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi contract with Spark Security Services has been terminated on 1st Oct. 2015 and the reason for that was only the price of services nothing more as the embassy has decided to hire another security company for a cheaper rate. I confirm that the date of incident was later than our last working date with the Indian Embassy.

    Secondly, the security guard involved in this incident “as you mentioned”, Bajnath, is not and was not one of our security staff. However, after investigating the matter from our side we came to know that Bajnath is an in-house security staff of the embassy and not related to any security company, while, the Nepali lady, Huma Himani, was a lady guard working for the security company that has replaced Spark Security in the embassy after our contract end.

    Finally, randomly quoting our company name on your publication is a breach to the UAE cyber law and company reserve the right to sue your site since you have to verify the news before quoting any company name and publishing false news.

    Therefore, and considering the above facts, you are required to publish a correction of this article on your website at the earliest to clarify the confusion happened with you and release the real fact.
    Failure to do so, we will escalate the issue to the concerned authorities for legal action against your firm.

    • Dear Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim

      This is in reference to our news story titled “RAW Officials undermining UAE laws after Nepali girl raped in Indian Embassy” as well as the info – graphic video on the aforementioned subject, posted on January 28, 2017.
      The CJ Post would like to apprise your management that after receipt of your message on http://www.thecjpost.com, we launched an intensive investigation to evaluate your claims. After a detailed examination of the facts associated with the story, and insights provided in your message, it has come to light that assertions made in your message are factual beyond doubt.
      We would like to formally apologize for associating the under discussion incident to Spark Security Services. We have retracted our previous story and will publish our new findings on the website shortly. We will also publish an apology in the same context. We hope you will accept our heartfelt apologies. We expect to work with you in the future in relation to this particular case and anything beyond.

      Salaar Bakhshi,
      Editor, CJ Post.

  6. Followers of Islam have no respect to their God and prayers. Where ever they find a place, either be it in a street corner or any other place it doesn’t matter. If they can do this then I dont understand why they need a mosque?


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