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The Ethnic Fault Line of Hinduism

Oct 18, 2016
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As per the religious scriptures around so many years back, the oldest religion of the planet developed big fault line in its character. Over the period of this fault line, there are many folds creating an imaginary line passing through the heart of India. Although the line is imaginary, it is too distinctive to ignore as with BJP government in and somebody else. Brahman Hindus look to be in fair amount of trouble; by now, my reader must have understood I am talking about Dalits. The most distinctive feature of this ethnic divide of Hinduism is the biggest anomaly in between north and south India.

The Character of RAM and RAWAN

North has been plundering south since independence. Wealth of South is the backbone of economy. South is economically comparable to world’s biggest economies but political Brahman elite of New Dehli never want South Indians in the mainstream of power politics. For clear picture of this long history of exploitation of south Indians, first you need to understand the psyche of Brahman Elite of New Dehli, Brahman Hindus considered as noble and high cast in Hindus society and simply they think they are born to rule. Murder of Brahman will be a very serious matter than the murder of low Hindus like Dalits. Dravidian people are majority papulation of south India, they are hard-working brave people but Brahman Hindus are sucking their wealth; starving them of water; and treating them like worst slaves.

According to philosophy, “RAM” is a supreme GOD as symbol of “Good guys” and “RAWAN” another GOD as symbol of “bad guys”. Despite the fact that “RAWAN” is a hero of Dravidians, Brahman Hindus burn the statue of “RAWAN” in their festival celebration of Dussehra. According to Brahman version of Hinduism, “RAWAN” kidnapped the wife of “RAM” and took him to the “Lanka” currently known as “Sri Lanka”. After eight years of struggle and with the help of Monkey brigade of another god “Hanuman”, “RAM” made a Holy bridge which is known as “Rama’s Bridge” and invaded Lanka and defeated “RAWAN” and got back his wife whose name was “Sitaram”. Later “RAM” asked for “Agnipareeksha” which means ‘prove your purity by walking through burning fire’. successfully passed through the “Agnipareeksha” which also proved “RAWAN” did not touch her or raped her.

“RAWAN” never raped but today, raping south or women is considered as a religious duty by Barhama Hindus. That’s why 21 women get each week and New has earned the title of “Rape Capital” of the world. Brahman Hindus of New are the main resisters of any development on south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu (Rama’s Bridge) due to their religious grounds. According to them, any government project could harm Rama’s Bridge. They have already stopped the operations to dredge the channel of the ocean floor across the Palk Strait in 2005 with their heavy protests. Indeed, development of port on Rama’s Bridge can end up all miseries of south Indians but Bahaman Hindus never want prosperous and independent.

Moreover, it is more matter of power than matter of religion. Today, millions of farmers and south states are starving, protesting and fighting for water while on the other hand Brahman Hindus of North are enjoying and bathing with the water and are in power corridors in New on the bones of Dravidians. If get freedom, they have ability to make super economic power of Asia, which is unacceptable for New because they know very well that is standing on the economy of south India. That is why they played a game and started funding “Tamil Tigers” movement in in 1976 so that freedom movement stuck in and the dream of a separate country of in south vanished. By sponsoring Tamil Tigers movement, actually Brahman Hindus were pushing for the wish of independent “United States of south India” from south to Sri Lanka.

Following the events of free Dravidian country in south India, you also need to remember that the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, invited the “Swami Rama” leader of free Dravidian country movement. In his Madras 1940 political public meeting, Muhammad Ali Jinnah asked “Swami Rama” to support Pakistan; and in return, “Swami Rama” demanded support for free Dravidian country which Muhammad Ali Jinnah happily accepted. Today, are still expecting the support from so that the promise made by Muhammad Ali Jinnah could be fulfilled. Brahman Hindus are exploiting south Indians not only economically, but also in many other ways. All power plants are being installed in south so that any leakage or disease could only harm south Indians. And it is happening. Some of these hazards are: radioactive waste and pollution, polluting unborn children and upcoming generations of south Indians. All powers, benefits and social dignities for and. Different diseases, black laws and exploitations make life miserable for south Indians. This is the only rule of sharing in India. Like Kashmir, south is also craving world attention.



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  1. Idiot, Dont write shit if you dont know anything about indian religion/culture.
    Not even 5% of what you wrote is accurate. Could have atleast googled whats going on within india. “The author is a Writer Blogger and an aspiring filmmaker” god bless your flim industry

    – From a Chennalite(Hope you atleast know where Chennai is !)


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