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How many playgrounds are to be turned into graveyards for world community to wakeup for IoK

Oct 01, 2016
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How many more children’s playgrounds are to be turned into graveyards that the international community will wake up for IOK?

Once a children’s playground, now turned into a graveyard, located in the south of Kashmir, is where around 200 Kashmiri men are working till dawn to dusk, ever since the intensity of freedom struggle escalated after the martyrdom of freedom fighter, Burhan Wani.

The men of all ages working at the graveyard, are laboring voluntarily, with an aim to make the graveyard a beautiful site for the martyrs to rest. The workers, including engineers, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, students and research scholars, arrive at the graveyard every day, working for free, despite the imposed curfews by forces that are countered by the freedom fighters, among whom are the ones who embrace martyrdom and are laid to rest at the very graveyard.
After the playground was transformed into a graveyard, one of the lawyers working there shared:
“We have received donations ranging from a 100 rupees to a truckload of cement bags”.
The graveyard is embellished with the pictures of the martyrs as a gesture to show acknowledgment of their contributions towards the cause.
Each of the graves is adorned with a flag, depicting the cause the martyr has fallen for.
What concerns the most now is the fact that with this stepping up numbers of martyrs, the men at work believe that soon the land will fall short to receive more martyrs.
So when will the international community make substantive efforts for to stop the unstinting use of brutal force by the force with its felonious intent towards the people of Kashmir? Since it’s about time that the international community must be seen standing up against the illegitimate occupation of Kashmir, because the brave Kashmiris are already charged against the force; already sacrificing with their lives; filling the graveyards, but the only thing they are not doing is yielding or to give up on their freedom

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